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Private Art lessons: $35.00 per 1  hour lesson - $140.00 per month for 4 lessons;    2 or 3 students $30.00 per 1 hour lesson;  1.5 hour lesson for 2 or 3 students $40.00 per student

Calligraphy Pricing:

Outer envelopes:   $4.25 per envelope ;

Please include an extra 20-25% envelopes for corrections or client changes 

Inner and Outer envelope sets:  $7.00

Envelope Flaps/Return address:  $2.50

Additional lines on outer envelopes:  $.50

Opaque envelopes (paper not transparent)  extra $.50 per envelope...must be lined by hand.

Custom Ink match and Metallic Inks...hand mixed...  :  $25.00 one time charge

Place cards:  $1.85

Escort Cards:  $2.00 for single name or married couple with same name;  2.50 for 2 separate names

Table Number Cards:  $5.00    (extra large sizes or extensive flourishing additional cost)

Rush Fee:  (under 7 days) 35% additional fee of total job order

Typestyle match: (those styles that I normally do not write)

$30.00 per job

**** Additional illustrative work such as watercolor flowers, images etc.... $2.00 per envelope

****Poems, blessings, vows etc......$5.00- $10.00 per line

****Hourly rate for custom illustrations/paintings .......$45.00 per hour

*****Thank you for your interest in my Calligraphy services! All above pricing assumes that the paper stock is suitable for Hand lettering...(some papers have coatings,loose fibers etc.) which cause the ink to bleed when writing. Please mail me.....

with questions on services not listed here or for quotes on Illuminated Letters and Paintings.  Thank you!